Petron Thermoplast has the capability to manufacture high-quality precision-cut profiles in a wide range of materials held in stock, including plastic sheeting (up to 25mm), rubber sheeting (up to 25mm), sponge sheeting (up to 50mm), and insulation materials, using our superb CNC profile cutting machinery. CAD files or drawings can be used to build parts directly. We also have a digitising station where we can plot around your samples or templates. Interchangeable tools on our profile cutting machines allow us to accurately cut a variety of materials in a variety of sheet widths and thicknesses. As part of the cutting process, we may also route materials to add a recess, rebate, or groove to the profiles.

Bespoke Gasket Manufacture

Petron Thermoplast can make custom gaskets in a variety of materials, from basic tables to more complicated designs. We also provide a quick delivery service to help with breakdowns and other urgent needs. Rubber, sponge, compressed fibre, polyurethane, PTFE (including envelope gaskets), cork, plastic shim, ceramic fibre, felt, leather, millboard, and foam are among our typical gasket materials.

Examples of our Bespoke Gaskets and CNC Cutting


Stencils, Lettering and Shapes

Bespoke Gasket

Sponge Gasket (50mm Thick)

Polypropylene Plastic

Plastic Scoring

Polyethylene Foam

Bespoke Gaskets

Perforated Silicon Rubber Sheet

Bespoke Plastic Cutting

Tan Para Rubber Gasket

Klinger® Gasket

Rubber Squeegees

CNC Cut Polyurethane

UHMW Plastic Change Part

EPDM / Neoprene Sponge

PVC Plastic

Toolbox Foam

Toolbox Foam

Machined Rubber Spider Coupling

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