High temperature insulation boards are available in a wide variety and are frequently used in thermal and electrical control applications. Materials including calcium silicate, inorganic mineral fibre, Portland cement, mica, and ceramic fibre are combined with certain binders and fillers to create our assortment of insulation boards. These items are frequently used as electrical insulation components, insulation for die cast moulds, and kiln and furnace linings (dependent on the grade).

The utilisation of in-house CNC machining equipment allows high temperature insulating materials to be provided as standard sheets, cut to size pieces, or machined into unique shapes. Sending us pre-existing samples or designs will enable us to provide quotes for bespoke inquiries.

High Temperature Insulation & Refractory Materials


Ceramic Fibre Board


FIREFLY Millboard

Glastherm® HT

Industrial Laminates



Muscotherm® (Musco M, P & FLX)


Thermalate® H330

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