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High Temperature Insulation Boards

High Temperature Insulation Boards

High temperature insulation boards are available in a wide variety and are frequently used in thermal and electrical control applications. Materials including calcium silicate, inorganic mineral fibre, Portland cement, mica, and ceramic fibre are combined with certain binders and fillers to create our assortment of insulation boards. These items are frequently used as electrical insulation components, insulation for die cast moulds, and kiln and furnace linings (dependent on the grade).

The utilisation of in-house CNC machining equipment allows high temperature insulating materials to be provided as standard sheets, cut to size pieces, or machined into unique shapes. Sending us pre-existing samples or designs will enable us to provide quotes for bespoke inquiries.

High Temperature Insulation & Refractory Materials


Manufactured from Portland based cement that is reinforced with selected non-asbestos fibres and silica. Cemtherm® is primarily used in applications where high mechanical strength and excellent load bearing properties are required. Temperature up to +538°C.

Ceramic Fibre Board

A lightweight, rigid insulation board manufactured from inorganic amorphous glass fibre (RCF) that performs exceptionally well at elevated temperatures. Ceramic fibre board provides good tensile strength and low thermal conductivity. Temperature up to +1260°C.


Providing excellent thermal stability and electrical insulation properties. Duratec-XP® is a calcium silicate technical ceramic reinforced with glass fibre. It is commonly machined into induction furnace components and electrically insulating arc chutes. Temperature up to +600°C.

FIREFLY Millboard

Available in three grades that are used for various applications including heat shields, glass processing roller coverings and high temperature gaskets. FIREFLY Millboard is a strong, rigid material that provides very low thermal conductivity. Temperature up to +1000°C.

Glastherm® HT

Commonly used to reduce heat loss in plastic, rubber and zinc die cast moulds. Glastherm® provides high mechanical strength, low thermal conductivity, good chemical resistance and excellent electrical insulation properties. It is also easily machined with standard metal tooling. Temperature up to +288°C.

Industrial Laminates

Industrial laminates are commonly used in applications that require high mechanical strength, low moisture absorption and excellent electrical insulation properties. Fabric, paper or glass fibres are bonded with synthetic resins to create a strong, lightweight material that is easily machined.


Available in two grades, Monalite® M1 and Monalite® M1A. This calcium silicate based material is primarily used to contain and control the flow of molten aluminium. It provides high dimensionally stable, excellent resistance to thermal shock and is highly machinable. Temperature up to +1000°C.


Manufactured from calcium silicate with selected fibre reinforcements. Monolux® is available in two grades that provide different levels of thermal conductivity and mechanical strength. This high temperature material is used as thermal insulation in industrial ovens and dryers or as a heat shield. Temperature up to +1000°C.

Muscotherm® (Musco M, P & FLX)

A hard wearing, high temperature insulation material manufactured from Mica with silicone binders. Muscotherm® is available in three grades; Muscovite, Phlogopite and FLX (flexible). It is commonly used to thermal regulators, electrical components and sheathings. Temperature up to 1000°C.


Manufactured from cement with various fillers. Sindanyo® is a high quality, rigid material that is easily machined. It is available in two grades that are commonly used in heat or electrical insulation applications. Temperature up to +230°C (L21) and +700°C (H91).

Thermalate® H330

A thermoset glass fibre polyester composite that provides low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength and good durability. Thermalate H330 is commonly used in high temperature plastic and rubber die cast moulding applications. Temperature up to +288°C.

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