Custom Plastic CNC Turning Services

Our division specializes in Custom Plastic CNC Turning Services, leveraging state-of-the-art equipment that stands at the forefront of current technological advancements. These machines are remarkable in size, boasting capabilities up to 18 inches in diameter and 60 inches in length, with a spindle capacity of up to 4 inches. Notably, these lathes are among the largest ones in the Midwest exclusively designed for plastics.

The realm of high-precision plastic machining presents its challenges, yet our team of extensively trained machinists excels in the mastery of specialized techniques essential for crafting top-notch plastic components. Their expertise ensures the production of high-quality plastic parts that adhere meticulously to stringent standards.

CNC Turning Parts

Components featuring additional elements like flats, holes, or other intricate details can be effectively executed in a single operation through our 4-axis and 5-axis turning centers. These centers are empowered by live tool technology, enabling the creation of parts with heightened precision and eliminating the need for subsequent operations. Our advanced machinery is also equipped with a sub-spindle – a second chuck synchronized with the primary one – facilitating work on the rear of a part sans manual intervention.

The integration of such cutting-edge technology directly translates to improved repeatability and swifter production times. This, in turn, results in enhanced part quality and reduced costs for your benefit.

Should your requirements extend to metal turned parts, rest assured we’re equipped to assist. While we specialize in handling all grades of stainless steel and aluminum, we maintain a distinct separation between our dedicated plastic equipment to ensure there’s no unintended cross-contamination.

Some Metal Components Include