Nylon rollers, pulleys, and trunnions are used in various industries for load-bearing and drive applications. We machine from a variety of engineering plastics in addition to cast nylon. We stock tooling in various sizes and provide custom casting services for large diameter sheets and rods. We also have extensive plastic machining capabilities, allowing us to machine cast nylon sheets and rods into rollers, pulleys, and trunnion wheels to customer specifications.


Rollers, pulleys, and trunnion wheels are widely used in the mining and quarrying industry sectors.



Size (mm): Custom made to customer specifications; please inquire.
Grades: Include cast nylon 6 (the industry standard), acetal, and polyethylene PE1000 – UHMW.

Note: Rollers, pulleys and trunnion Wheels can also be manufactured from many other types engineering plastics. Please see our plastic sheet types and grades are available.

Examples of our Nylon Rollers, Pulleys and Trunnion Wheels

Yellow Nylon Trunnion Wheel

Black Nylon Trunnion Wheel

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