All of our high temperature hose and cable sleeves are made to prevent damage to the encased hose or cables from coming into contact with hot components nearby or to help insulate and maintain the temperature of the media being transported. Individual goods will offer additional qualities and advantages, such as the ceramic plaited sleeving’s severe temperature resistance, the toughness and durability of fibreglass sleeving, and the Pyrojacket silicone outer’s resistance to oils, fuels, acids, and alkalis.

These high temperature sleevings are frequently employed in sectors with a high concentration of high temperature applications. This covers industries like power generation, glass, foundries, metal, aerospace, automotive, petrochemical, and metal.

Standard Hose & Cable Sleeving Products

Woven Glass Sleeving

Fabric sleeving manufactured wholly from E glass yarns. The yarns are woven to create a fixed wall sleeving suitable for applications including pipe, hose, cable and exhaust insulation and protection. Temperature range of up to +550°C.

Ceramic Plaited Sleeving

Refractory ceramic sleeving composed of blown alumina-silicate fibre yarns with an inconel wire reinforcement. Suitable for pipe, cable and hose protection in extreme temperatures. Temperature range of up to +1260°C (+1000° wire reinforcement).

Resin Coated Fibreglass Sleeving

Braided fibreglass yarns coated with high temperature resins. The result is a tough and durable sleeving capable of maintaining properties under variations in abrasion, vibration and mechanical stress. Temperature range of up to +650°C continuous.


Manufactured from woven E glass fibre yarns coated with a high specification iron oxide silicone rubber. The outer silicone provides resistances to flame, abrasion, oils, hydraulic fuels, acids and alkalis. Temperature range of up to +260°C continuous.

Custom Hose & Cable Covers

These are bespoke manufactured in-house to your requirements using our industrial stitching facilities. The outer cover can be made up from any of our coated glass cloth materials, typically encapsulating a Ductwrap or Rockwool® filler.

Other Protective Covers

We can also supply a wide range of other, non-temperature related protective hose and cable covers as required. These include heat shrink sleeving, hose conduit, metallic ducting (interlock and griplock) and plastic spiral hose and cable protection.

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