PEI (Ultem) rod is a natural unreinforced polyetherimide engineering thermoplastic with excellent rigidity and thermal-mechanical strength for high-stress applications. It’s amorphous, food-safe, and can be sterilised repeatedly with hot steam. PEI (Ultem) rod is easy to process, and weld and provides good electrical insulation.


Microwave parts, insulators, surgical equipment, spectacles, and switch parts are only a few examples.

Key Features

  • Temperatures of up to +170°C (+200°C in the short term) are possible.
  • Coolant must be handled with caution. V-0 is self-extinguishing.
  • Resistant to gamma rays and creep.
  • Sterilization using hot steam is possible.
  • High machinability and weldability.
  • Electrical insulation qualities are good.
  • Food interaction has been approved by the FDA.


Also available: PEI (Ultem®) Sheet.


Rod Length (mm)Rod Diameter (mm)
6 9 12 15 19 25 31 38 44 50 63 76 101 120
3050* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

*Denotes standard rod availability.
Note: Minimum order quantities and long lead times may apply, please enquire.
30% glass fibre reinforced PEI rod is also available upon request.

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