ABS Plastic Sheets (Acrylonitrile Brutadine Styrene Sheets) are a kind of engineering plastic that is noted for its stiffness, impact resistance, strength, and hardness. The key feature of these sheets is that they may be found printed and electroplated due to their high surface gloss. Because of its strength, low-temperature resistance, and rough, scratch-resistant surface, ABS plastic sheet is utilized on dashboards, wheel covers, and body pieces.



Pipework and fittings, textile bobbins, models and prototypes, handles, insulators, trays, and appliances are all frequent uses for ABS plastic sheets.

Key Features

  • Easily bonded and welded.
  • Temperature: Up to +75°C (Up to +100°C short term).
  • Retardant to most alkalis and acids.
  • Tough and rigid plastic.
  • Excellent impact strength.
  • High heat distortion temperature.
  • Highly machinable and easy to weld.

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