Custom Plastic CNC Routing Services

Our Custom Plastic CNC Routing Services stand at the forefront of producing the most diverse range of plastic routed parts in the current industry landscape. Equipped with expansive 60” x 144” tables, all our machinery is optimized to accommodate large sheets. This translates to enhanced efficiency and improved yields across various plastic types, catering to a wide array of industries. Notably, some sectors that have harnessed the advantages of our distinctive capabilities encompass:


CNC Routers

Our CNC routers are geared for both high speed and exceptional precision. In fact, we’re adept at producing parts with 3-D profiles stretching up to 12 feet in length. Achieving a tolerance of +/-.005 on a router is often considered remarkable, but it’s a feat we effortlessly accomplish. Our prowess doesn’t stop there – thanks to our indexable aggregate tool, we can seamlessly integrate side holes, angled machining, and other “off-axis” features in a singular operation.

Furthermore, our capabilities extend to 4-axis indexing for working on pipes, enabling the addition of slots, holes, and other attributes. Thanks to our equipment’s X-axis gantries, we’re even capable of machining pipes as long as 30 feet.

When it comes to your significant plastic components, don’t entrust them to a generalist company lacking expertise in plastics. We stand as plastic specialists who comprehend how variations in materials and routing techniques impact the final outcome of your project.