Flow Measurement System

WRAS Certified Epco PPH Elbow45 Degree is made of Polypropylene Homopolymer (PPH). Metric 45 Degree Elbow Pressure Pipe Fittings are available in sizes ranging from 10 mm OD. From 50 mm to 400 mm outside diameter.

PPH45 degree elbows are pipe fittings used to form a 45 degree angle by joining two sections of pipe of the same diameter.

To do this correctly, read the assembly and joining method recommendations in our technical information and make sure you have the proper PPH Elbow45 Degree Solvent Cement and Cleaner to join the pipes and fittings together. These metrics can be found in our section on Accessories.

Our pressure pipe range is made of Polypropylene Homopolymer (PPH) and has a working temperature of 30º to 180º F. It is depending on the system pressure.

Flow Measurement System Meters

Density meters regularly failed as a result of harsh problems. Flow meters devices always give the number of resources and information they deserve. The estimated analysis generally isn’t still well understood.

These instruments also provide overload resistance. Picking out the suitable process instruments for high accuracy comes to the realities of the project available.

The importance of accurate measurement is found in the food and beverage market. Temperature is the most regularly measured process variable. The temperature differential between both provides the key flow signal. Our thermal mass flow meters may also cover a wide array of applications and media.

Our system measures the continuous flow of the majority of liquids with low or higher viscosity, along with slurries.

The active transmitter is not critical to use and provides the output signal that fulfills your requirements. In some instances, the sensor is a minor element of the mechanism. The flow sensors are a favorite alternative for the pipeline flow system.

Our flow measurement devices are ideal tools to supply users with all essential details on possible energy savings. Users look for the counsel of their process system to choose the flow measurement device which best suits their operation.