Industrial laminate materials, also known as thermoset composites, are famous for their superior mechanical strength, machinability, and electrical insulation. They are commonly produced as parts and components for electromechanical applications and industries as a result.

Fibers from layers of fabric, paper, or glass are joined together using a variety of synthetic resin systems (SRBF, SRBP, and SRBG). This is done at high pressures and temperatures, producing a group of materials that are stiff, light, and inexpensive and often exhibit exceptional electrical resistance, great mechanical strength, and low water absorption.

Industrial laminate materials’ inherent stiffness enables the custom production of elaborate and complex components. The same methods and procedures used for engineering plastic materials are employed here, such as CNC milling and CNC

Available Types of Industrial Laminates

Fabric Based Laminates (SRBF)

A range of high strength, easily machined and electrically insulating laminates. Manufactured from layers of cotton fabric bonded with synthetic resins, SRBF laminates can be machined into complex and intricate components to your requirements.

Paper Based Laminates (SRBP)

Synthetic resin bonded paper laminates display excellent electrical strength and insulating properties. As such, they are frequently used in a wide range of high, medium and low voltage insulation applications where a rigid material is required.

Glass Based Laminates (SRBG)

Commonly used for their outstanding electrical insulating properties, glass based laminates also display excellent mechanical strength, chemical resistance and dimensional stability. SRBG laminates perform exceptionally well at elevated temperatures.

TUFNOL® Industrial Laminates

TUFNOL® branded industrial laminates are available if explicitly required. This includes fabric grades such as Whale Brand, paper grades including Kite Brand, and glass reinforced grades. All grades can be machined into custom components as required.