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CPVC Butterfly Valves

CPVC Butterfly Valve:

CPVC butterfly valves are an ideal option for regulating water flow, and PVC Fittings Online carries one of the best selections in the industry. Like a ball valve, butterfly valves operate in a way that allows an easy shutoff. The valve uses a disk as a closing mechanism; essentially the disc is mounted to a rod that allows it to turn in a gradual rotation. When fully opened, the valve allows unrestricted flow, and when closed, no water can pass through. Likewise, the valve can be turned partially in order to control the specific amount of water flow. While similar in functionality to a ball valve, a butterfly valve has the benefit of several disc positions for regulation of flow.

CPVC butterfly valves are used for a variety of applications in industrial settings. A few notable industrial applications are:

  • Chemical industries.
  • Food and pharmaceutical industries require regular processing of different types of liquids.
  • Power plants.
  • Water waste system.
  • Radiation system.


  • Economical: Butterfly valves cost less than other valves of the same size used for flow control. This is in part due to a design that is lighter in weight.
  • Easy to handle: They require less support, as well.
  • Less in weight: The comparatively lower weight also makes this type of valve more versatile in industrial applications.
  • Material: The CPVC material is an added advantage when it comes to butterfly valves and other hardware.
  • Corrosive resistant: Like PVC, the CPVC material is lightweight and very resistant to corrosion.
  • Heat resistance: CPVC is better able to handle extreme temperatures, able to withstand heat as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Best for both cold and hot water: While PVC is well suited for cold-water applications, CPVC is ideal for countless industrial applications where hot water is a factor.

CPVC Butterfly Valve

Advantages of CPVC Butterfly valve:

  1. PP-H Disc, good performance in temperature resistance. Both axons side of the disc have been processed by CNC lath to ensure the medium is not in contact directly with the stem.
  2. The diameter of body holes and the surface are highly finishing by lath, and make it closer cooperate with seat and the little tension of the Close/Open.
  3. The hole for assembling the body and stem is processed by a boring machine which to assure the stability of the seal.
  4. All of the metal parts are made of SUS304 to anti-rust and increase the long life.
  5. The handle made of ABS engineering plastic assures it is not easy to break, it is detachable and convenient to assemble.
  6. Can be assembled with electric or pneumatic actuators.

PVC Fittings Online is your No. 1 resource for CPVC butterfly valves. The lines we carry are known for being top quality. We carry butterfly valves with lever hands and a flanged design, making them ideal for regulating flow within a commercial or industrial pipeline. Additionally, we offer butterfly valves that use a rotating disk with a middle stem that is controlled by a gear handle. This makes it much easier to operate large-size valves. The types of CPVC butterfly valves available have been adapted for different uses — especially in regard to flow control capabilities. Tell us about your project, and our knowledgeable staff can help you make the right selection. When it comes to butterfly valves, you can trust PVC Fittings Online. Contact us today.

CPVC Butterfly Valve CPVC Butterfly Valve

  1. Material: UPVC、CPVC、PP-H.
  2. Size: 2″-8″.
  3. End connector: SOCKET/THREADED.
  4. Standard: ANSI, DIN, JIS, CNS.
  5. Working pressure: 150 PSI.
  6. Operating Temperature: UPVC (0-45℃), CPVC& PP-H(0-95℃).
  7. Color of body: UPVC (dark gray) CPVC (light gray/yellow) PP-H (light yellow).