What is PVC Pressure Release Valve?

PVC Pressure Release Valve (Safety Relief Valve) which is intended to open at a predetermined pressure factor and release liquid until the pressure drops to a sufficient level. The progress of this valve has an intriguing history. PVC pressure release valves are used for hydro and nuclear power projects, water matter or sewage treatment plants and water system projects.

Basically, the purpose of PVC pressure release valve is to control pressure in a structure, often in a structure of liquid or packaged air. These valves open in relation to the expansion under the pressure of the structure. This means that when the structure is moderately under pressure they do not fly as open as possible. All things being equal, they open slowly, allowing the structure to return to a predetermined pressure factor level. Upon reaching that level, the valve closes once more.

Working of PVC Pressure release valve:

The PVC pressure release valve is regularly closed until the pressure rises to the ideal set pressing factor. When the set pressing factor is reached, the valve will pop out, and continue to open further, allowing more flow in the form of a higher current. When the upstream pressure factor drops a couple of psi below the set pressure factor, the valve will close again. The synthetic properties of a liquid should be considered before deciding on the best material for your application.

Each liquid will have its own exceptional properties so care must be taken to select the fitting body and seal material that will interact with the liquid. The pieces of the pressure factor elimination valve that are in contact with the fluid are known as the “wet” parts. If the liquid is combustible or hazardous in nature, a pressure factor assist valve should be equipped to release it safely.

Features of PVC Pressure Release Valve:

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to install.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Rust Proof.
  • Reliable to use.

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