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Roller Shutter Door Seal

Roller Shutter Door Seal

The space between the bottom of a roller shutter door and the floor is sealed using roller shutter door seals. This reduces draught and door vibrations by preventing water, leaves, and dirt from entering the building or warehouse. The roller shutter door seal is made of weather-resistant EPDM rubber and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.


To seal the gap between a roller shutter door and the ground.

Standard Roller Shutter Door Seals

Standard roller shutter doors are compatible with the profiles below, which glide onto the T-bar without the use of mechanical fasteners.

Material: EPDM
Length (mtrs): 5, 10, 20
Material: EPDM
Length (mtrs): 5, 10, 20

Alternative Roller Shutter Door Seals

The galvanised carrier (PEXTRSDS-CARRIER) requires mechanically fixing to the underside of the shutter T-bar, whereas the PVC carrier (PEXTRSDS-PVCCLIP) clips onto the underside of an insulated shutter door and does not require any fixings. The PEXTRSDS-30X20 then slides into the respective carrier creating a seal.

Material: EPDM
Length (mtrs): Up to 50
Material: Galv. Steel
Length (mtrs): 3
Material: PVC
Length (mtrs): 3

Please note: Fixings are not included with the carrier.

Clip On Side Brush Strips

The UPVC carrier with brush insert is designed to clip onto the shutter guide. It helps to prevent draughts and reduces door vibration.


Length (mtrs):

Product Code:
Carrier / Brush Material: UPVC / Nylon
Brush Strip Width 34

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