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6102 – Colour Braided PVC Hose

6102 – Colour Braided PVC Hose

A braided polyester thread is added to the PVC used to make the 6102 color braided pvc hose to increase its strength. Excellent resistance to most chemicals, weather, and ozone is provided by this non-toxic hose. This hose is available from  in a selection of colors and diameters to meet a range of application needs. Please see the table below for availability details on our 6102 – color braided PVC hose.


Commonly used in general water discharge, low pressure airlines and irrigation.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -20°C to +65°C.
  • Excellent resistance to ozone, weather and most chemicals.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Available in a range of colours and sizes.

Technical Specifications:

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