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6507 – Superflextract Industrial Vacuum Hose

6507 – Superflextract Industrial Vacuum Hose

The 6507-superflextract industrial vacuum hose is a two-ply PVC hose that is incredibly lightweight, flexible, and useful for a variety of applications including the suction of liquids, gases, and fibres. A PVC coated steel wire helix and strand reinforcements are added to this industrial vacuum hose to increase strength. You can get our 6507 – superflextract industrial vacuum hose online by clicking the link.


Suction of liquids and gases, light solids and fibres. Also used for domestic and industrial vacuum cleaners, scrubber cleaners, screed drying and welding fume extraction.

Key Features

  • Temperature: 0°C to +70°C (peaks at +85°C).
  • Very lightweight, flexible and robust.

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