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6721 – EPDM Rubber Tubing

6721 – EPDM Rubber Tubing

75° EPDM synthetic rubber is used to make 6721 – EPDM rubber tube. Due to its outstanding resistance to water, ageing, and weathering, it is a common choice in exposed applications. There are various diameters of EPDM rubber tubing with a maximum coil length of 50 metres; cut lengths are also an option.


Commonly used in general water discharge, low pressure airlines and irrigation.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -20°C to +65°C.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Good flexibility.
  • High resistance to alkalis and acids.
  • Low in toxicity
  • Excellent transparency.


  • The hose has been tested and complies with FDA standards.

Technical Specifications:

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