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6905 – Rubber Coated Potable Water Layflat Hose

6905 – Rubber Coated Potable Water Layflat Hose

The WRAS-approved 6905 Rubber Coated Potable Water Layflat Hose is made of high strength polyester and has an inner lining made of polyurethane. To make the hose easier to handle and to boost abrasion resistance, the outer cover is coated in blue NBR synthetic rubber and has ribs running the length of the hose. Upon request, it can be sent pre-fitted with DIN Storz couplings or an immediate fire hose coupling. Additional couplings are also available.

By clicking the aforementioned link, you can shop online at PAR Direct for a variety of our 6905 potable water layflat hoses.


Freshwater delivery applications, short term temporary bypass applications, temporary pipelines, potable water transfer, filling of freshwater tanks (marine industry), layflat emergency water hose, general delivery applications in industry.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -30°C to +80°C.
  • Durable and extremely flexible.
  • Blue outer for ease of identification.
  • Compact coil diameter when rolled.
  • Easy to handle and transport.


  • WRAS approved material for use with water up to 23°C.

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