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Anti-Fatigue Matting

Anti-Fatigue Matting

Anti-fatigue matting is frequently utilised in settings where workers must stand for extended periods of time. They aid in enhancing employee comfort, lowering weariness, and maintaining staff productivity. Fatigue mats can prevent accidents like slipping on damp work surfaces and act as an additional layer of insulation on cold concrete floors.

Many of our anti-fatigue mats are resistant to chemicals, oils, greases, and lubricants, making them perfect for production lines and environments where food is prepared (for more information regarding the chemical suitability of our matting, please refer to the “chemical resistance” pdf below). They are available in foam, rubber, and PVC grades.

We provide a variety of anti-static foam mattings that adhere to ISO 6356 and are suitable for workplace spaces that are prone to electrostatic discharge.

Foam Anti-Fatigue Matting

Rubber Anti-Fatigue Matting

Modular Anti-Fatigue Flooring and Floor Tiles

Anti-Static Foam Anti-Fatigue Matting

PVC Industrial and Commercial Anti-Fatigue Matting

Technical Specification:

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