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Attributes and Characteristics of UHMWPE Material

Due to its superior combination of wear resistance, structural strength, and biocompatibility, ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethene (UHMWPE Material) has been the material of choice for the polymeric component in total joint replacements and continues to be the most industry’s standard today. Nevertheless, the use of UHMWPE prostheses generates billions of submicron particles per year, which may trigger a foreign-body reaction and cause significant bone loss and pronounced implant loosening.

Young or active patients who may need one or more revisions with accumulating bone loss in their lifetime should be especially concerned about UHMWPE wear. Therefore, increasing UHMWPE Material’s wear resistance and decreasing the number of wear particles discharged into the periarticular tissues should lessen undesirable biological reactions and significantly increase the clinical lifespan of total joint replacements.

Attributes of UHMWPE Pipes

Due to its extremely high molecular weight, UHMWPE has a number of distinctive qualities, including the highest impact strength and abrasion resistance of any plastic.

  • Abrasion resistance – Excellent abrasion resistance in UHMWPE pipes ensures extended life in abrasive slurry applications.
  • Chemical resistance – UHMWPE systems can be employed in mining operations’ chemical treatment applications and tailings pipelines thanks to their exceptional resistance to a variety of chemical reagents.
  • Flexibility – UHMWPE pipes can be bent at least 30 times as far as HDPE pipes can be bent. The pipe can withstand strains brought on by shifting soil because of its flexibility and resilience. As a result, the pipes are especially helpful in places that are vulnerable to earthquakes, mining subsidence, and undersea pipelines.
  • High flow capacity – UHMWPE pipes have a long lifespan, a high flow capacity, and minimal friction in comparison to materials like fibre-reinforced cement.
  • Greater hydraulic capacity compared to steel and HDPE pipes results in lower pumping costs.
  • Installation simplicity: UHMWPE is simple to instal thanks to its low weight and flanged connectors.

Excellent Characteristics Of Piping

Wear-resistant plastic crown made of ultra-high molecular weight polythene (UHMWPE Material) is three to seven times stronger than stainless steel. Reduced energy transfer of materials due to low coefficient of friction, self-lubrication, anti-adhesion, and no scaling. in the impact strength column, the plastic’s top. All plastics have the largest impact on energy absorption value, which has a muting effect. excellent chemical stability Excellent tolerance to low temperatures. Food and medications are not harmed by sanitation.

  • UHMW goods have a special molecular structure that gives them a very high wear resistance and a very high capacity to resist sliding. Stainless steel has a 27.3 times stronger wear resistance than common alloy steel, which is 6.6 times higher. The service life of the pipeline is significantly increased when phenolic resin, nylon 6, and polythene are used in comparison to steel, which has an annual wear rate of 0.58mm for each.
  • Extremely high impact resistance; compared to other engineering plastics now on the market, this product’s impact toughness is the best. Many materials can be subjected to repetitive or severe impacts that cause cracking, breaking, crushing, or surface stress fatigue. In order to achieve no breakage, this product, in accordance with the GB1843 standard, continues the cantilever beam impact experiment.
  • Excellent chemical stability; product can endure severe chemical erosion; certain acids cause mild corrosion at elevated temperatures; in contrast, lye in acid solution does not cause corrosion. can be utilised with concentrated hydrochloric acid that has an acidity of less than 80%, and performance is mostly stable in nitric acid that has an acidity of less than 80% and less than 20%.
  • Because this product comprises a wax-like substance and has good self-lubrication, it is a good self-lubricant. Only 0.219mn/m of friction exists. Brass or steel with oil lubrication performs worse than self-sliding components. The performance of its own dry lubrication was more clearly visible, especially in environments with dust, sand, and other particles. In addition to being able to exercise freely, protecting the relevant workpiece will prevent wear or damage.
  • UHMWPE Material pipeline is non-toxic to living organisms and can adapt to water quality fluids, solid particles, powders, slurry, etc. The traditional metal pipe can be replaced by a UHMWPE pipeline due to its superior corrosion resistance, high wear resistance, Self-lubricating absorption shock, and other extensive properties, in a variety of applications.
  • This product has exceptional low-temperature resistance, with its impact and wear resistance remaining essentially unaltered at minus 269 degrees Celsius. Currently, it is the only type of engineering plastic that can function at a temperature near absolute zero. The product’s temperature ranges from 269 °C to 80 °C while it is being worked on for an extended period of time.
  • Due to its low friction coefficient and excellent surface adherence, this product does not attach to the surface. The features of the fire power plant for the discharge of fly ash system have tremendous relevance since the current materials often scale in the medium when the ph value is more than 9, but this product does not scale. Mud and other transit tubes are also excellent choices for crude oil.
  • the strongest anti-fatigue property of 500,000 times, with the best resistance to environmental stress cracking, resistance to environmental stress cracking >4000h, and elastic modulus that is 1.5 times that of PE100.
  • Other features include water resistance, noise reduction, anti-static, neutron shielding capacity, noise absorption, and low weight. Simple machining, colouring, and other exceptional qualities.

About Petron Thermoplast’s UHMWPE Material

Ultra-high molecular weight polythene, or UHMW, is a very durable material with exceptional wear and abrasion resistance. Due to its adaptability, polythene is a well-liked plastic for several industrial applications that call for toughness, minimal friction, and chemical resistance. Applications include marine dock fender pads, chain guides, UHMW wear strips and packaging machinery parts. Does UHMW fit your upcoming project? Our plastics specialists can respond to your inquiries and offer guidance on the use of materials and machined or manufactured parts. Visit now!