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Camlock Cam & Groove Couplings

Camlock Cam & Groove Couplings

You can rapidly connect and disengage your hose and pipes using camlocks, commonly known as cam and groove connections. They are made to transport grains, liquids, gases, powders, and powders. When using a camlock connection, you open the coupler arms and slide the adaptor within. To complete a tight connection, the arms are positioned with their palms facing down. Camlocks are offered by PAR Group in aluminium, brass, polypropylene, and stainless steel.

Typically, camlocks are divided into Type A, Type B, Type C, Type D, Type E, Type F, Type DP, and Type DC categories. To learn more and to get part numbers, kindly click on the links below.

Camlock fittings are also known as Camlock and Groove couplings. This type of coupling is strong connectors used to connect hoses or pipes. The ease of use of these couplings sets them apart. Unlike many high-performance couplings, Camlock fittings install quickly and without using tools.

This benefit stems from their distinct design, which lines up external locking arms with an internal gasket for swift and straightforward sealing.

Petron Thermoplast is a market leader in providing high-quality Camlock fittings. We are the market leader in valves, couplings, fittings, plastics, and PVC hoses.

  • 1. We provide all highly predictable cam as well as groove couplings at reasonable prices.
  • 2. Premium coupling parts from Petron Thermoplast provide years of dependable effectiveness even in the most demanding environments.

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