CPVC True Union Ball Valves

CPVC True Union Ball Valves

Ball check valves are designed to allow flow in one direction, while blocking flow from the other direction. In this way, a CPVC ball check valve “checks” the flow of liquid media through a pipe line. Our CPVC true union check valves are made to be used in conjunction with Schedule 80 CPVC pipe lines. This line of valves is available in both Socket and Threaded (NPT) ends. Double union ends allow for easy removal of the valve even after installation.

CPVC is commonly used in applications where temperatures are higher than 140 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s because while PVC has a max temperature of 140F, CPVC has a maximum operating temperature that is about 60 degrees higher! For many industrial and demanding jobs, schedule 80 CPVC is an excellent choice due to its temperature rating of 200F, its corrosion resistant properties, and its ease of use and affordability.

For commercial and industrial jobs, true union ball valves are usually the standard. That’s because the double-union ends enable the user to unscrew the valve body from the pipeline and fully disassemble the valve for any required maintenance or inspections. This is a huge advantage, when the alternative is cutting out a valve and replacing the entire thing, including surrounding pipe! Our CPVC true union ball valves feature EPDM seals and a PTFE seat for easy on/off operation – even in larger sizes. Check out our entire line today and see why our contractors love this valve!

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