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Crash Mats and Pads

Crash Mats and Pads

Crash mats and pads can be produced to order by PAR Group. We provide a variety of durable PVC coated fabric covers and foam and sponge fillings (most frequently our recon grade upholstery foam) (for additional protection and weatherproofing) Almost any form and size may be produced for our crash mats and cushions. Velcro, elastic, eyelets, and rubber layers can all be included into any design. If necessary, the exterior cover may also be printed with the company logo and branding.

By using the “Buy Online” option above, you may purchase the standard size “keg drop” crash mats that we also produce and offer through our online store, PAR Direct.


Crash mats, beam protection, column protection, crash pads, keg drop mats, product fall cushions, rotary turntable mats.

Technical Specification:

Examples of our Crash Mats and Pads

Crash Mat
with Velcro Top

Two Piece Crash Mat
c/w Velcro Join

Keg Drop Mat
c/w Eyelets

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