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Metal Detectable Gaskets

Metal Detectable Gaskets

The PAR Group, a global leader in providing sealing solutions to business, offers a variety of metal detecting gaskets that are consistent with FDA and EC regulations. Each compound has additions that allow metal detector scanning equipment to detect pieces as small as 2 mm. Due to their ability to lessen the chance of product contamination and product recalls, these materials are particularly well-liked in the food processing, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

Click the “see product” buttons below for more details on the features and specifications of the available grades, or get in touch with our technical sales teams to discuss your needs in further depth. Please click the “Enquire Now” button if you know which rubber is best for your application and have already made that decision.

How to Measure a Gasket?

If you need any assistance measuring your gaskets, we have put up a helpful tutorial on how to do so, regardless of whether you need a full face (flange), picture frame, dovetail, or ring gasket.


We can produce dovetail, picture frame, and standard flange gaskets to exact tolerances at PAR Group using cutting-edge in-house CNC gear, and we can meet both low and high volume requirements. We can also create custom gaskets based on dimensional drawings or preexisting samples to meet specific needs.

Detectable Gaskets Available

Animal fats, fish oils, greases, and vegetable oils are frequently used in applications where metal detecting nitrile gaskets are employed. They contain additives that can be seen by metal detector scanning equipment and comply with EC rules. -30°C to +100°C in the temperature range.

The additives in metal-detectable silicone gaskets can be seen by metal detector scanning equipment. They have good releasing qualities and are frequently utilised in high temperature applications. They are also accepted by the FDA and EC. temperature range of -60 to 200 degrees Celsius.

Please be aware that while the majority of metal detection and scanning devices can detect our metal detecting rubber, we are unable to provide any assurances and urge you to test the material before use.

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