Polyatex™ – ATEX/IECEx rated Polyurethane Film


A clear, ether-based sheeting called PolyatexTM thermoplastic polyurethane meets the criteria of IEC60079-0:2018 clause 26.13 and is anti-static. Because of its static dissipative properties, this material is appropriate for use in ATEX/IECEx equipment that has a material requirement to pass this test standard.

Another known concern is static electricity. A static electrical discharge may occasionally serve as the spark that ignites a fire or sets off an explosion.quote from AXA XL’s Risk Division.

Because PolyatexTM is so strong, resilient, and tear-resistant, it may be fabricated into sleeves, chutes, and connections for use in product transfer applications. It is also FDA-compliant and free of PVC and latex, making it a popular choice for applications involving contact with food.


Washdown covers, sleeves, chutes, bellows, foam covers / crash pads, water resistant covers.

Key Features

  • Strong and flexible material.
  • Good resistance to weathering.
  • Easily cut, stitched and welded.
  • Matt finish as standard.

Technical Specification: