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Polyurethane Mouldings & Castings

Polyurethane Mouldings & Castings

Polyurethane is poured into heated molds, cured, and trimmed or machined to shape. This method is appropriate for both high and low-volume production. Metal parts can be used, and anti-static flame retardant grades are available if needed.


Scrapers, castors, washers, blocks, bumpers, capper rings, gaskets, impellers, seals, and isolators are all items that can be found in a scraper.

Key Features

  • Temperature: Temperatures range from -30°C to +80°C (+100°C in the short term). On request, higher temperature grades can be produced).
  • Abrasion resistant.


Colours: A wide variety of colours are available.
Shore Hardness: 10°A up to 95°D.
Materials: Ethers, Esters, TDI, MDI, PPDI and Polycaprolactones.

Technical Specification:

Examples of our Polyurethane Mouldings and Castings

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