You are currently viewing Less Sidewall Penetration in Your Tank System: The Benefits of Choosing the Best PVDF Tank Manufacturers

Less Sidewall Penetration in Your Tank System: The Benefits of Choosing the Best PVDF Tank Manufacturers

Less Sidewall Penetration in Your Tank System: The Benefits of Choosing the Best PVDF Tank Manufacturers

Requesting extra or “spare” connections in the walls is usual practice when designing a chemical storage tank. Although there is no specific use for these fittings, you might need to add another attachment to the tank eventually. The fitting being placed and prepared to use is convenient. Although it’s a popular habit, it might be dangerous.

You create another possible leak every time you pierce a tank’s sidewall. Gaskets in fittings need to be maintained and checked for cracking. Fittings and gaskets may deteriorate over time and need to be replaced. For a good seal, the fittings also need to be torqued properly.

While we may offer as many fittings as you want, we usually try to minimise the number of sidewall penetrations. When the tank already has enough weaknesses, why add another one? You may feel secure knowing that Petron Thermoplast is continuously working to ensure the safety of our tanks. Our chemical storage solutions are intended to be as long-lasting and simple to use as possible. We do this, in part, by reducing the number of sidewall penetrations. Let’s examine three methods in which Petron Thermoplast lessens sidewall penetrations.

Mechanical Fittings Are Easy to Install as Needed

Depending on your tank type, there are three different ways to make and install fittings. Fittings are welded onto stainless steel tanks at the PVDF Tank Manufacturers. The very last thing you want is to get a tank just to find out later that you require another fitting. You’re in a tough place unless you can get someone to come out, punch a hole in the tank, and solder the fitting on.

Fittings must also be fitted at the PVDF Tank Manufacturers for fiberglass (FRP) tanks. Fittings are glassed onto FRP tanks in a process akin to welding. Adding fittings in the field is particularly challenging since it takes an expert who is prepared to get there and accomplish it. Tanks made of crosslinked polyethene are unique. You can install polyethene tanks on-site using basic equipment and no limited space entrance since they employ mechanical connections.

You may either do it yourself using the instructions and videos provided by Petron Thermoplast, or you can hire one of our field service professionals to come out and perform it for you. Basically, you just need to drill the screw holes and the hole for the gasket. Place the flange on the outside with the gasket and insert the bolts with the gaskets into the large hole. You’re done now. Click here to see a video on installing a fitting in the field. Never install more fittings than you require if you want to increase the tank’s lifespan and your level of comfort. Prior to ordering your tank, always be aware of your needs. If a second fitting is required later.

Reduce Fittings with a Manifold System

Your chemical storage tank may require the addition of a number of accessories, such as a pressure test fitting, a few pumps, and a clean-out port. Normally, each accessory would require a separate hole to be punched into the sidewall. When just one sidewall puncture is necessary, why add more than that? The manifold system from Petron Thermoplast enables the attachment of several accessories to a single fitting. Whenever necessary, change from one accessory to another.

Use A Freestanding Internal Pipe Support To Prevent Sidewall Penetrations

A typical installation involves installing brackets in the sidewall to keep the pipe in place if your tank needs a downpipe or fill line. Although there is another choice, Petron Thermoplast can also carry that out. The sidewall must be penetrated in order to install brackets, increasing the likelihood of leaks. We created a freestanding internal pipe support system to prevent it from happening. This solution is not dependent on any side wall brackets drilled into the tank’s sidewall. You can utilise a fill line, a reverse float level gauge, or a downpipe inside of a tank with freestanding support. Since the support system is comprised of PVC, most substances won’t react with it. We also provide coated steel freestanding outside pipe support.

Innovative Solutions for Chemical Storage

Petron Thermoplast is dedicated to creating chemical storage tanks that are as long-lasting as feasible while minimising expenses wherever possible. Both objectives are achieved by using fewer fittings, and you can rest easy knowing that your staff and facilities are protected against dangerous leaks. Please visit the website of Petron Thermoplast, one of the best PVDF Tank Manufacturers in India. You may also explore the other Plastic Products available online at very affordable rates for your industrial applications.

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