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Suction & Delivery Couplings

Suction & Delivery Couplings

To fit a variety of industrial hose and pipelines, PAR Group offers a wide selection of suction and delivery couplings, adaptors, and accessories. In addition to moving fluids, chemicals, oils, and slurries, these couplings may also move dry powders like flour, cereals, sugar, and cement (dependent on coupling and material type).

Popular choices include tubular hose menders, which are frequently used to repair split or damaged assemblies, Bauer (lever lock) couplings, which offer an easy and reliable way to join numerous lengths of hose together, and flanged couplings, which come in a variety of configurations with either BSP, Bauer, camlock, or serrated hose tail ends. Additionally, we provide a wide range of material kinds, including galvanised, brass, polypropylene, stainless, and aluminium.

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