Petron Thermoplast

1.1) Corrosion Resistance

1.2) No leaks in the fusion weld joint. PE pipe are mainly used fusion weld joint to ensure the identity of the material structure of the fittimgs and the pipe.

1.3) The  great technical and economic valve of the flexibility of PE piping system. Mainly as below:

1.3a ) PE pipe can be coiled dur to it’s excellent flexibility, can be supplied with long length, avoiding the mass usage of joint and fittings, reducing the workload of joint. By considering the practicality, our company can supplied coiled PE pipe if the diameter not more than 63mm.

1.3b ) For reducing workload of joint, PE pipe in large diameter can be joint on the ground (outside the groove) before devoted into the groove.

1.3c ) Directional drilling technique can be used in the joint of the PE pipe in some places due to it’s flexibility, lightweight and excellent scratch resistance. Suitable place includes the road, base of the railroad, river, etc.

1.3d ) Submerge the long pipe whe laying the PE pipe in the river of lake. Connect the pipe on the fixed location before the pipes are submerged with heavy articles.

1.3e ) Repair the old urban water supply pipe by PE pipe as the lined pipe.

3.4) Effective resist the underground movement and the point load. PE pipe has excellent flexibility and strong differential settlement resistance, the extension rate at break has exceeds 350%.

3.5) Excellent resistance to fast crack propagation.

3.6) Long service life. The PE pipe can be used for more than 50 years under proper use.

3.7) Environment-friendly. PE pipe can be recycled. It won’t produce harmful matter to the environment even burn it out.