Remote Control Floating Ball Valve (100X)


Able to control the liquid surface of a water tower or pool. Suitable for the automatic water supply system of various water pools and towers in industrial and mineral enterprises and civil buildings.


  • The body uses full-channel streamline design and thus gets the features of a great flow, a good sealing effect, simple maintenance, flexibility and durability, a high accuracy on the liquid level control, no affection to the water level by the water pressure and tightly closed without leakage.


The upper cavity of the master valve is connected to the controlling floating ball and the floating ball valve is fixed on the liquid surface of a water tower. The floating ball valve is opened along with the lowering of the liquid surface to make the master valve opened to supply water to the water tower; and, when the liquid surface rises to the floating ball valve position, the floating ball valve is closed, so is the master one to stop water supply to the water tower.

Executive Standard

  • Size of flange: GB/T 17241.6.
  • Test and inspection: GB/T 13927.

Typical Diagram of Installation

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