What we do

We lead by setting brand new trends in the Thermoplastic

Piping systems industry.

To fulfill the global wise ever-increasing Thermoplastic Pipes, fittings & Thermoplastic Valves demand in following industry:

  • 1. Chemical Industries.
  • 2. Waste & waste water Industry.
  • 3. Mining industry,
  • 4. Coal Power Plants,
  • 5. Oil & Gas Industry.
  • 6. Food Manufacturing Industry.
  • 7. Nuclear Industry.

And many more. we are devoted to ongoing innovation in Chemicals Line, Irrigation, and sewage technology. From the Supply & Installation to the Turnkey Projects, our organization is continually working to pave the path for a future where everyone has Thermoplastic solution. Our organization is continually expanding its pan-India distributor network to ensure that it is always close to its consumers and ready to respond to their demands.

Today, we serve the requirements of Thermoplastic Piping systems Industrial Demand of while also bringing value to India’s burgeoning real estate industry by providing unrivaled quality. Petron Thermoplast aspires to be a genuinely global, high-performing organization that provides quality products and services to its clients while also achieving industry leadership. Our principles seek to build a forward-thinking, high-performing organization dedicated to offering high-quality products to our customers. These principles guide our interactions with customers, partners, shareholders, workers, and the general public.