CPVC Wafer Check Valve

CPVC Wafer Check Valve Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. As a safety filter, the sediment sieve is meant to capture any solid contaminants that may sometimes be in the line. We export valves and other equipment with small holes, such as pumps or control valves, protected by it. The filter screen is easily replaceable and available in a variety of meshes.

An oscillating disc is used to open or close the valve. As a result of their design, they can be installed in extremely tight spaces where a flanged check valve would be ineffective. As the disc opens, the CPVC wafer check valve has a molded body surrounding the opening.

In contrast, CPVC wafer check valves have molded bodies that enable the disc to rotate completely open, enabling full flow. In the case of applications that demand full flow, this is an important consideration, as you can see.

Therefore, wafer check valves are used in situations where flow is not a concern. Swing checks are used in applications where a full port valve is required.

CPVC Wafer Check Valve Technical Information

The CR wafer check valve is designed to be installed directly between stubs and flanges in accordance with ISO/DIN standards.

• Installed with FIP QPV (d50 – d160) stubs and QRV stubs using flat gasket
QHV/Y (d225 – d315), on PVC piping class PN10 or lower with type ODV

• Metal support for easy and precise centring of the valve during installa-

• Can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal position
• Sealing system with O-ring for optimum sealing and installation without
flat gaskets

Technical specifications
Construction Wafer check valve
Size range DN 40 ÷ 300
Nominal pressure 5 bar with water at 20 °C
Temperature range 0 °C ÷ 60 °C
Coupling standards Flanging system: DIN 2501 PN 10, EN ISO 1452,EN
ISO 15493
Reference standards Construction criteria: EN ISO 16137 EN ISO 1452, EN
ISO 15493
Test methods and requirements: ISO 9393
Installation criteria: DVS 2204, DVS 2221, UNI 11242
Valve material PVC-U
Seal material EPDM