What is CPVC Ball Valve?

CPVC Ball Valves, when two seating surfaces are used to lock off the pressure from both ends of a CPVC Ball Valves Manufacturer in India. That valve is known as a cpvc union ball valve

For each valve, the fluid characteristics, pressure and temperature must be taken into account during the choice. The intended function of the valve, on the other hand, is perhaps the most essential consideration. You can choose from a variety of setups depending on your process and demands.

In operating conditions where vibration or thermal expansion may compromise the performance of standard True Union Valves. CPVC Ball Valve technology allows the P2 Valve to shine. A patented union-nut locking device prevents back-off during harsh service conditions. The system is easy to install and does not require any special tools.

These CPVC Ball Valves are most often employed in the oil and gas sector, but they can be useful in many other industries as well. The valve chamber should be bled, and the pipework should be disassembled for maintenance. We have best quality & competatives cpvc ball valve price.

CPVC Ball Valve Material Specifications

PETRONTHERMOPLAST has developed a cpvc union ball valve to introduce a high reference standard in thermosplastic valve design. Cpvc true union ball valve that meets the most stringent needs required by industrial applications.

• Connection system for solvent weld, threaded and flanged joints
• Patented SEAT STOP® ball carrier system that lets you micro-adjust ball
seats and minimise the axial force effect
• Easy radial dismounting allowing quick replacement of O-rings and ball
seats without any need for tools
• PN16 True Union valve body made for rigid PVC-U injection moulding

equipped with built-in bores for actuation. ISO 9393 compliant test requi-

• Option of dismounting downstream pipes with the valve in the closed
• Floating full bore ball with high surface finish
• Integrated bracket for valve anchoring
• Ball seat carriers can be adjusted using the Easytorque adjustment kit
• Possibility to have handle with integrated LSQT limit micro switch, even as
a retrofit in existing installations

Technical specifications
ConstructionCPVC ball valve with locked carrier and union nuts.
Nominal pressureDN 15 MM – 150 MM
Temperature rangePN 16 with water at 93 °C
Temperature range0 °C ÷ 95 °C
Coupling standardsSolvent welding: EN ISO 1452, EN ISO 15493, BS
4346-1, DIN 8063, NF T54-028, ASTM D 2467, JIS K
6743. Piping coupling as EN ISO 1452, EN ISO 15493,
DIN 8062, NF T54-016, ASTM D 1785, JIS K 6741.
Thread: ISO 228-1, DIN 2999, ASTM D 2464, JIS B
Flanging system: ISO 7005-1, EN ISO 1452, EN ISO
15493, EN 558-1, DIN 2501, ANSI B.16.5 cl. 150, JIS B
Reference standardsConstruction criteria: EN ISO 16135, EN ISO 1452, EN ISO 15493
Test methods and requirements: ISO 9393
Installation criteria: DVS 2204, DVS 2221, UNI 11242
Actuator couplings: ISO 5211
Valve material CPVC
Seal materialEPDM, FKM (standard size O-Ring);PTFE (ball seats)
Control optionsManual control; electric actuator; pneumatic actuator