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6103 – Silicone Braided Hose

6103 – Silicone Braided Hose

Petronthermoplast offers a variety of grades of nylon 6 rod. Because of its ease of machining, hardness, and high strength, it is a popular engineering plastic. Additional features include greater wear resistance, higher load-bearing qualities, metal detectability, and flame retardancy in different grades. Many grades of Nylon 6 rod are available for purchase online at PAR Direct; click on the links below to learn more about each grade.


A premium grade hygienic hose that is used to transfer liquid or materials.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -40°C up to +160°C.
  • Platinum cured, gives off no peroxide by-products.
  • High operational temperature rating.
  • Approved for food contact.
  • Kink resistant.


  • Complies with FDA Regulation CFR 21 177.2600.
  • Passed USP class VI cytotoxicity testing.
  • WRAS approved.
  • BGVV compliant.


Other silicone hoses we supply:
6103R – peroxide cured silicone rubber with a red outer layer and translucent inner. Suitable up to +170°C.
6103G – translucent silicone reinforced with a glass braid for a higher temperature applications up to +220°C.
6103RG – red 70° silicone with a glass braid for temperatures up to +300°C.  Special manufacture, subject to MOQ. Please enquire. 

Technical Specifications:

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