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Bauer Type Coupling – End Cap x Male

Bauer Type Coupling – End Cap x Male

End cap x male Bauer couplings are made to attach to female Bauer couplings while blocking fluid flow. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 2″ to 8″ and are offered in both non-genuine and genuine varieties.

Please note that while our stainless steel choices do not have closure rings as standard, our genuine and non-authentic Bauer options do. If the latter option is selected as the preferable material type, we can provide a galvanised steel lever closure ring. Until the lever needs to be closed, the LCR is intended to be left loose around the male stainless steel Bauer.

If you would like a variety of real lockable end caps with a galvanised finish and locking padlock, please contact us.

Max. Working Pressure

  • Non-Genuine: 10 Bar (150 psi).
  • Genuine Bauer: 12 Bar (174 psi).

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