The ultra high molecular weight Polyethylen has a high abrasion resistance (very good glide characteristics) and a high toughness at the same time. The chemical and crack resistance are optimum in comparison to the standard PE-HD. The perating temperature of PE-UHMW ranges from -150 °C to +90 °C.

PP Engineering Plastic Components Properties

  • Low density
  • Very good wear resistance
  • Very high abrasion resistance
  • High toughness (also at low temperature)
  • High elongation at break
  • Very good electrical and dielectric properties
  • Very low water absorption
  • Low steam permeability
  • High chemical resistance
  • Good protection against stress cracking
  • Food safe

PE-UHMW Engineering Plastic Components Applications

  • Pumping and valve parts
  • Gaskets
  • Slide profiles
  • Parts for the food industry

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